To All of Our Patients,

Genesis OBGYN has made some changes in our practice and is committed  to help keep you safe and prevent the spread of the corona virus (COVID-19).  Corona virus spreads easily from person to person.  It can cause flu like symptoms, pneumonia, or severe  illness. Pregnant patients and those over age 65 seem to have a higher risk of getting serious complications from the virus.  For these reasons, we have decided to limit your contact with other patients and our staff by following the steps listed  below.

Pregnant Patients:

  1. If you are pregnant, we will try to limit your visits with your physician or nurse practitioner, especially in the middle of your pregnancy. If you have certain conditions, we may continue your care as is. We believe the risk of such conditions is higher than the risk of exposure to the virus.

  2. Pregnancy ultrasounds that are usually done in the late first trimester to the middle of the second trimester may be moved a few weeks later.  This may mean your anatomical ultrasound (where we can tell your baby’s gender) will be scheduled a bit later. Screening for Down Syndrome and other genetic problems may be moved to a later date as well.  Of course, if there is a suspected problem with your baby, we will not delay your care.

GYN Ultrasound Patients:

Our GYN ultrasound service will be limited to emergency situations.  Your provider and our imaging team will evaluate your health needs and work with you to get quick, expert care.

All Patients:

  1. Annual exam:  If you are scheduled to come in for your yearly exam, we will be calling you to move your appointment to a later date (in 2-3 months).   We believe it will be safer for you to come to the office at that time. If you have serious women’s health issues, we will keep your appointment as is.

  2. Basic precautions: We have taken steps to limit visitors in the office and exam rooms.  Our waiting rooms are for reserved for patients only and we clean them every 2 hours.  We have moved seating so that patients are at least 6 feet apart.   We ask that you respect other patients and staff by washing your hands before and after your visit, coughing into tissues or the bend  of your elbow, using sanitizers after touching surfaces, and staying home if you are sick.  

We understand that you may have a lot of questions and concerns and about your health.  We are working on ways we can keep in touch with you so that you will have quick answers to your questions. These include telehealth, our patient portal, or a simple phone call. 

Our goal is to keep everyone safe and to limit your exposure to the virus.  Our changes are made based on recommendations from national health organizations and the Center  for Disease Control (CDC).

Please feel free to reach out to us if you are worried or have questions about your care during this difficult time.  We know that some of these changes will be hard to make. We are committed to giving you excellent health care while keeping you and your family safe.

Stay well,


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