To Our Patients of the Genesis OBGYN Family of Practices: 


The past month has demonstrated to us that, despite the efforts and words of many, racism still exists and too many innocent people are victims of hate.  The physicians and team members of Genesis OBGYN are deeply concerned and saddened by these senseless acts of violence. We are in solidarity with those who are victims of racial injustice.  We have a responsibility to denounce the overt violence perpetrated against minorities for far too long in our country, as well as the more insidious institutional racism that plagues all facets of our society, including women’s health.


Genesis OBGYN’s mission has always been to provide compassionate, excellent quality care to you, our patients here in Arizona.  So long as there are disparities in women’s health due to implicit and explicit racial bias, we will fall short of this mission.  As healthcare leaders we must work to actively identify and eliminate systemic patterns and practices of racism that victimize minorities. Without action, we are complicit in perpetuating the problem.

We will continuously work to embrace a culture of inclusion and diversity through dialogue, education, and training.  Genesis OBGYN is committed to supporting these efforts utilizing local and national resources. All of our employees, including our physicians and nurse practitioners, clinical support staff, and business office personnel have been challenged to identify a role each one of us can play in a solution to promote change that will result in better care to our patients.  It starts with our commitment to you, and through it our hope to bring about change in our communities, our country, and our world.  Now is the time.

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